The letters IOOTCP are an abbreviation of the Dutch words: Instituut voor Onconventioneel Onderzoek naar de Taal en Cultuur van Polen. Translated it means: the Institute that Researches the Language and Culture of Poland in Unconventional ways.


IOOTCP operates as an independant cultural institute, within both Dutch and Polish territories. We promote processes of ungoing study and re-study of Polish language and culture from-out a free-thinking, at times inconsistent, contradictive perspective.


IOOTCP manifests itself first and foremost through organisation of Cultural Nights. We actively support and encourage Polish-Dutch interaction. By adding interactive elements to our nights, we stimulate visitors to question the language that is used concerning each Other and to inspire people to freely do their own research and to through playfulness come up with alternative sources and interpretations.






Cultural Institute


Dutch society hosts many institutes that culturally represent foreign countries. Although Poland represents itself abroad and online through the presence of several cultural institutes, until the founding of IOOTCP there was no institute of cultural representation present in The Netherlands. Up to this day IOOTCP fills this lacuna.


Organisations like Goethe Institut, Instituto Cervantes and IOOTCP function as cultural translators. We carry knowledge about diffences and similarities in values and histories of two or more cultures. This enables us to anticipate on probable opportunities or misunderstandings. The institutes can take on the task of supplementing or igniting public debate by contextualising topics that concern both parties.



Cultural Nights


IOOTCP organises Cultural Nights. These are interactive nights with a 1 hour programme during which knowledge is being shared and discussed and that is concluded with informal drinks. Thus giving visitors the possibility to connect and exchange thoughts, possible future goods, services, knowledge and friendships. Cultural Nights have been organised around topics like Polish visual arts, barsczc (Polish soup) and literature, Poland and water. IOOTCP has just started on a series on Polish Historical Figures: Malinowski, Curie, Copernic, Szewinska, Szymborska.